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Going. Going. Gone. My Muse is acting like a yo-yo that has been shot into outer space and has lost the energy to return to my outstretched palm. The string, taut at first, went limp eight weeks ago and now … Continue reading

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No. The commas are in the right place. I’m here. Alone. Now. And this is a tense moment. While I’m staring down at the narrow, dirt trail and maneuvering a mine field of rocks, roots, stone outcroppings, AND an occasional hilltop inhabitant catching a few rays I’m … Continue reading

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Welcome to Wordsmith 101. In much the same way as a personal trainer’s fortitude and determination sculpts slabs of sagging flesh into taught, defined muscle and the swordsmith’s attention to detail forges a molten lump of steel into a keen, sturdy blade, so does a wordsmith wield the … Continue reading

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