…there are none in THIS BOOK either.

Trust me.

Buy the book and you can see for yourself.

It will be released in German by NordSüd Verlag (NorthSouth Books) on August 17, 2023. The English version will follow on March 5, 2024.

Whew! Now that I’ve stopped dancing around the house and have had a chance to catch my breath…


HERE is a sneak peak of my debut picture book in the publisher’s 2023 fall catalogue. While you’re there, I suggest you take a moment and view all NordSüd’s wonderful titles:

THERE ARE NO DRAGONS IN THIS BOOK is on pages 17-18/99  Click on the eyeglasses in the lower left-hand corner and you will see more of Carla Haslbauer’s fun, unique, and stunning illustrations. They’re brilliant!

Take a look at this…it’s obvious there are no dragons in this book, right?

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes one to raise a children’s book as well. Applause and ❤ lichen Dank to everyone at NordSüd Verlag that has had a hand in the nurturing and birth of our book baby :

Naomi Wolter and Elena Rittinghausen – editors NordSüd, Switzerland
Beth Terrill – editor NorthSouth Books, US
Theresa Gamper – design
+ all the unknowns who have sprinkled their fairy dust on this project

Last, but very much not least, ❤ felt thanks to my patient, tenacious agent Stephen Fraser of the Jennifer Di Chiara Literary Agency, who has been submitting my children’s book manuscripts for more years than you can count on one hand…

Thank you dear reader too…
for your support these many years or for however brief a time
you’ve been visiting me here

Be Well

P.S.   ES GIBT KEINE DRACHEN IN DIESEM BUCH may be pre-ordered right now HERE or HERE or HERE (just to name a few). When it’s released on August 17, 2023 I’m sure your favorite bookstore will carry it or be happy to order it for you as well.

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My inner twelve-year-old’s spirit for adventure soared a few months ago when a friend suggested I join her on a cruise.

The Pirates of the Caribbean theme song immediately dropped into in my head as I envisioned the wind blowing the hair off my face while I steered our ship with great prowess thru roiling seas or as I swung from the yardarm after tying down flapping sails undone by a blustering gale.

A vision of joining my loyal swashbuckling mates on deck with swords drawn in preparation of a fight over keeping our booty safe danced before my eyes.

“Donna…are you still there?” My friend’s voice pulled me back to dry land. “Is it yes or no?”

Several memories of intense seasickness rose from my belly. Bile burned my throat. I swallowed hard. “Sure! When do we sail?” Continue reading

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One paper heart
trimmed in frilly,
white lace,

One arrow,
one promise
of a sweet,
warm embrace.

Once it’s notched, drawn, and trained on a specific bullseye,
Cupid first blows a kiss, and then lets it fly ~

Has my hunky cherub poked your curiosity to continue reading? It wouldn’t be the first time for Continue reading

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After the last bout of rainfall, Black Angus dot a green Sonoma county field at the edge of the San Pablo Wildlife Refuge. A short distance further, a most curious structure looms in the vast marshland on the east side of California Highway 37 between Sears Point and Mare Island. The structure is familiar; its location is baffling. Continue reading

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‘Tis often the time of year
my inner grinch hangs about
But this time ’tis different
I’ve news of a new sprout

T’was the night of his birth…
not that blessed one.
The he here is Theo,
the first Weidner grandson.

The first of two grandchildren,
But that’s an announcement for another time
Since it’s not in me right now
To work on my meter and rhyme.

And in the interest of not keeping you
from your week of holiday celebrations
I’ll leave you with these photos
and Continue reading

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The moon is a waxing crescent tonight. It’s the kind of silver sliver that makes me want to lasso the tip, reel it in, swing my leg over it and…


go for a ride.

No rocket fuel necessary.


Propulsion powered by imagination, curiosity, and a passion for exploration.

A map? Who needs charts, data, and calculations?
Intention is my guide, my navigation tool.

Where to? Continue reading

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‘Tis All Hallows’ Eve and in true scary fashion,
the wind is a’ howlin’ with fury and passion.

The moon’s begun waning, but still lights the way,
for our loved ones who’ve passed to the ‘other side’ of the bay.

Up from the floorboards, through ceilings and walls,
they knock on the windows and shriek down the halls.
There’s laughing, and singing, and regular howls;
if we didn’t know better, it might clench our bowels.
‘Tis their annual visit. They Continue reading

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A FEATHER(ED) FRIEND – Message from the Amazon

Was it sunlight twinkling in the steaming emerald canopy that whet your curiosity before
the steady downpour that urged you to soar
above the fragrant jungle floor?


Was it afterwards,
when you took flight and came to alight upon a bushy
frond laden branch
to plot your breakfast route Continue reading


ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO – A Triple Decker Celebration

Where does the time go?

Not only has it been forty-one years since I and ‘Mr. Man’ (as my kids lovingly refer to their father) tied the knot, but an entire year, that’s three-hundred-sixty-five-and-a-quarter days, has flown by since the triple decker sandwich of special events we celebrated last fall in Los Cabos, Mexico.


Predicated on the postponement of our eldest son’s 2020 wedding, Mr. Man and I headed south a few days earlier to celebrate

Our Anniversary

Talk about the rocket ship of flying time…40 years? How is that even possible? But Continue reading

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SUNDAY PAWS – A Debut Water Experience

There’s a first time for everything…a baby’s first step, first smile, first word. A child’s first day of school, first best friend, first date. A first love, first heartbreak, first…you name it and there’s a first for it.

Sometimes that first inspires laughter.

Sometimes it invokes a waterfall of tears.

Sometimes it conjures up a feeling of…well…have a look… Continue reading

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