iConic BRIDGE – Can U Guess?

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Ready, aim, fire! It’s no use taking careful aim, though. By the time I catch my subject dead center between the crosshairs, it’s too late – a blip in the landscape – gone faster than you can say, “Gotcha!”

Snap – Snap – Snap – Speeding along at 70 mph, the sound of the shutter ticks me off for not being better prepared to shoot the burst of color I’d set out to capture only a moment ago.

But then this happens,
– a quantum physical moment –
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The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week is titled ‘ORDER’. It didn’t speak to me at all until I took a walk with a friend and noticed that sneaky theme had secretly tagged along. It had attached itself to a friendly picturesque porch and wagged its wooden finger

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You know the question. We’ve all heard it. We’ve all asked it. Whether we’re chatting with our neighbor sitting next to us in the window seat, standing serpentine in a line at the grocery store, or sipping cocktails at the hippest place in town, me? yeah right! ninety-nine point nine percent of the time someone asks, “So, what do you do?”


When I was a Stay-At-Home-Mom the guilt over not having an ‘outside’ job in addition to my familial responsibilities left me sputtering like a dying carburetor. Out loud, I’d hem and haw about how my adventures with the frantic four left little time for anything else, but inside I was asking myself how the focacchia did my mom-peers find the time to be welders, bio-chemists, lawyers, and artists between changing diapers and cleaning up barf? And why was I feeling like I should be keeping up with them?

I get it though. Heck, before I had children, I too used to wonder what a mother did at home all day without going insane. How many times could she blow on a boo-boo, clean a toilet, or fill the washing machine?

For years, I felt like a slacker. I could see that same thought reflecting back at me in people’s eyes, too. Or at least I thought I did. Thankfully, that did change when a now, dear friend innocently asked that loaded question, only this time ending it with “all day.” Armed with an answer that had been stockpiling for years, I shot back, “Well, typically, once the children have been taken to school, I change into turn of the 20th century lounge wear, grab a good book -preferably one with little or no plot- drape myself across a plush divan, Continue reading

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…and the faery known as Thrill-Seeker, the only one of her sort to attend this type of celebration since the Sleeping Beauty debacle, first soared to the rafters of the modest nursery, stopped short, reached into her pouch of post-natal best wishes and sprinkled the babe in a soft shower of aromatic flower petals. “This,” she whispered, “is the inoculation against even the most minimal bouts of hodophobia you may experience in your lifetime.”

The pixie then dove off her perch and plummeted to within an inch of the slumbering infant’s feet where she hovered and drew a long, deep breath into her pocket-sized fluorescent frame. Ever so slowly, she exhaled one half of it in a focused stream of destinations upon the wee soles of the newborn’s feet

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SERMERSSUAQ – An Earth Day Homage

She weeps. She wails.
She sighs,
that one day her children will learn to use their knowledge wisely.

The Big Ice.


Caribbean-blue melt-water pools
the size of small countries
spread upon Mother Earth’s once pristine pate.

Creaking, cracking
she moans,
under their weight…
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Taken aback by the sudden question, Christian, Uli, and I nodded. Clearly, the man had overheard our conversation.

His dark eyes shifted from the front of the store to the back. Stepping closer, he first cleared his throat, then whispered, “18:05 in front of the church.”

This time, we nodded in unison.

Before turning back around he added, “Cash only,”  then continued stocking the near bare shelf with red cardboard tubes of Pringles.

It was April 2016 and that was the only chip still available in Ittoqqortoormiit’s Pilersuisoq until the August arrival of the first of only two ships per year that supply the tiny Greenlandic village with anything that cannot be hunted or fished. That’s everything, people; everything from paint to potatoes, diapers to diesel oil, bread to bathroom tissue. But umimmar? That is Continue reading