POETIC PONDERING ON: What rhymes with Wisteria?


An abundance of wisteria
if found flourishing
in Bulgaria
might migrate to Bavaria
causing Continue reading

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She stands facing the pale, windswept bay, tall and erect as the ancient redwoods poking through the shroud of fog folding over the mountain range behind her. They loom in the distance like a pack of protective brothers, chanting in the blustering gale, You’re not alone. We’ve got your  back.

Their mantra strokes the tips of the young woman’s  button ears red while strands of raven locks swirl about her head, whipped free from the tight braid trailing down her slender back. The beauty swipes at the rebellious tendrils with the back of one hand, while clutching a tattered knit shawl to her heart with the other.

The weary maiden pulls the wrap tight, but the comfort and warmth it once afforded is now akin to her lover’s embrace. Non-existent. Cold. At least, Continue reading

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KALAALLIT NUNAAT – Can’t Get You Outta’ My Head

Extreme weather boots.
Insulated gloves.
Balaclava (baklava, optional)
Back, neck, hand and foot heat packs
Thermal socks…and…and…and.
The list was long.

About this time three years ago, I was packing for an arctic adventure.

Thirty-six months ago, I had no idea Continue reading

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Alice Wetherby Pimms physically felt time pass in the coursing of her blood for as long as she could remember. Every second -tick, tick, tick- was like an invasion of needle-nosed imps nipping at the underside of her plump flesh.

Each and every moment they poked from inside sixty-thousand miles of cerulean veins, prodded the chambers of her brick-red heart, and pricked the crimson roadmap of arteries and capillaries fanning her petite frame.


Tick. Tick. Tick.
Poking. Prodding. Pricking.
Each moment slipping into the past, only to Continue reading

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As writers, we all have our favorite writing methods. For instance, some swear by Scrivener, while others write in Word or Google docs. Some prefer to draft longhand, using colorful gel pens and notebooks.

Most of us have a favorite writing book (or ten), too. These books have helped us understand storytelling better, demystifying certain aspects of writing. Well, today I’m taking part in welcoming a new writing guide into the world: The Emotion Thesaurus (Second Edition).

Continue reading

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IF I WERE A ______ LOVE POEM: A Valentine Pondering Of Sorts

If I were a simple love poem
I’d, first of all, want to rhyme,
then, be flawless and impeccable
in meter and time,
but since life is not perfect,
nor is this holiday poem,
I’ll continue in free-verse (maybe)
to a chorus of stifled groans.

If I were a silly love poem,
I’d toss the rhyme and serve you my heart*
on a bed of mixed greens.
Grain-free. Gluten-free. Nut-free (you be the judge of that). Continue reading

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I know it’s presumptuous, and most likely, not easy.
It just might, in fact, be considered quite sleazy,
to expect you, dear Cupid, to share your day with another,
even though this worthy project has been sanctioned by your brother.

Was it Anteros, or Porthos? Of that, I’m not sure,
but the motive, I assure you, is altruistic and pure.
The idea’s to promote excitement about reading, and books,
to celebrate children, of which many are overlooked.

The aim is to gift a book, new, or lightly used,
to a boy, girl, or toddler (HERE are some that’re kid-approved).
One can donate a crateful, or leave one on a bench.
Just think of the thirst books have the power to quench!

In short, thank you, Cupid, for your blessing from above,
and for sharing with #bookgivingday, an other celebration of love.

Now that my poor rhyming skills have grabbed your attention, I recommend you visit STORY SNUG where Catherine Friess supplies you with a further list of suggestions on how to take part in this wonderful project, an interview with Emma Perry, the founder of Book Giving Day, and much more.

It’s just a couple of weeks until February 14th,
International Book Giving Day, 2019

❤ Won’t you join in on the fun? ❤


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