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“Embrace the magic. Turn that blinking cursor into a sentence, then a paragraph, then a page, and a chapter. Take it one step at a time, but begin today. You’ve been chosen to tell this story. It’s your destiny. It’s magic.” – Beck McDowell

Posted 05-13-20

MYTHCREANTS shares 5 Common Dialogue Mistakes and How to Fix Them. They have scores of advice. Check them out!

Posted 05-04-20

10 Ways to Proof-read your own Writing – Louise Harnby show us how – Fabulous!

Posted 02-17-2020

Here’s a shout out to Shelby, a writer from the HPL Young Writers Club led by Michele Wilson, who suggests adding the Creative Writing Glossary to your writer’s toolbox. Thank you Shelby! Write On!

Posted 06-25-19

Show, Don’t Tell = Use Body Language … Thanks, Dan Alatorre!

Posted 06-09-18

Over at Well-Storied, Kristen Kieffer does a ‘darn’ good job of helping you bring your stories to life. Here’s a subject that’s caught my attention today:
The Four Main Types of Epic Antagonists

Posted 03-09-18

HERE are 9 Manuscript Editing Software programs to consider.

Posted 10-17-17

The Thesaurus ladies have done it again. Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have released their newest bookThe Emotional Wound Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Psychological Trauma. This book looks at the difficult experiences embedded in our character’s backstory which will shape their motivation and behavior afterward.

Posted 06-03-16

Well known for their Thesaurus Collection, the amazing  WRITERS HELPING WRITERS team, Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, has outdone themselves with the initiation of ONE STOP FOR WRITERS. It is THE place to go to hone your craft and raise your writing to the next level – “a powerhouse online library [], supplying writers with inspiration, education and unique description resources”. Both sites are chock full of tools for your toolbox , workshops, resource material and more.  Their newest contribution to the thesaurus collection – Urban and Rural Settings – is now available!

Posted 04-23-16

At last – Mignon Fogarty at Grammar Girl clarifies  LAY vs. LIE

Posted 03-26-16

From the Expert EditorThe Top 55 Apps for Writers in 2016

Posted 03-24-16

Creating your website? WritetoDone has the Definitive Guide

Posted 02-18-16

Query Letter conundrums? Check out the Kidlit 411 Query Letter resource page.

Posted 02-18-16

Looking for lists of agents that accept kid lit? Publishers that accept unagented submissions? Check out the Kidlit 411 Submissions resource page.

Posted 01-17-16

Preditors & Editors  – another resource for “the serious writer, composer, game designer, or artist to consult for information, regardless of genre.”

Posted 01-11-15

KidLit411 One website with all your favorite Children’s Literature sources in one place – interviews, contests; conferences, workshops and retreats; tips on writing picture books, MG, YA; industry news, etc…THANK YOU to SYLVIA LIU and  ELAINE KIELY KEARNS  for putting it all together.

Posted 07-03-15

The dreaded query letter – YA Author and Folio Jr. Agent John M. Cusick shares his “Pretty Much Foolproof, Never-Fail, Silver-Bullet Query Opening”

lady-pancake-cover-image-2Posted 06-28-15

Check out Josh Funk’s Guide to Writing Picture Books (in 12 easy steps) as a one stop spot to get you started or as a refresher for renewed focus. And Congratulations to Josh on his debut of “Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast” on 1 September 2015 . YAY!

Posted 01-02-15

Have you ever, ever thought Why can’t I write like Whoever-theheck-isaNYTBestseller? Before you bury yourself in a hole, check out editor Emma D. Dryden’s thoughts on comparing ourselves to others.


Kathleen Temean put together a 2014 list of helpful articles that will knock your socks off and send you dancing barefoot down the street. Just don’t wander too far because you’ll want to check them out. I’m posting it here just so I’ll have it handy.

Posted 12-10-14

Check this gem out: Worksheets for Writers  Jami Gold shares a bazillion of them. Well, maybe only 40…

Posted 11-17-14

Roxanne Smolen shares her tips on formatting your book to self-publish on CreateSpace, compliments of Kathleen Temean at Writing and Illustrating – thank you both!

Posted 11-03-14

Check out Darcy Pattison’s website for a multitude of advice, including  29 Plot Templates

Ahhhhhh…The Dreaded Synopsis, compliments of QueryTracker.netBlog

Posted 09-08-14

You’ve just got to love her as much as I do. Once again, Kathleen Temean’s got more to share…Ten Tips to Juice Up Your Protagonist

Posted 08-07-14

Ann R. Allen’s Blog with Ruth Harris shares Tools of the Writer’s Trade, an overview of software & other tools for writers

Posted 07-06-14

Would you like to work on your WIP in Paris, on a lake in Italy, or the Arizona desert? Yes?Check out Savvy Writers and E-Books On Line for the latest in Grants for Writers.


The Children’s Book Academy recommends a few helpful groups to join.

Posted 06-15-14

Character development – Thank you Ingrid Sundberg for posing the Questions to ask your characters with regard to defining your story and plot.

Posted 05-28-14

Are you writing a children’s book? For one website, with all of your favorite sources in one place see KidLit 411 – It’s amazing!

Posted 04-14-14

I love Kathleen Temean! Reference Links To Help With QUERY LETTER WRITING – all in one place. Thanks Kathy!

Posted 03-19-14

Kathleen Temean does it again – Tips on Synopsis and the Synopsis Checklist

Posted 03-11-14

To help you avoid common mistakes made when formatting and submitting your manuscript, check out Kathleen Temean’s blog Writing and Illustrating where she shares Noah Lukeman’s The First Five Pages: A Writers Guide To Staying Out of the Rejection Pile

Posted 02-24-14

A long list of Perfect Picture Books, put together by Susanna Leonard Hill

Happy New Year
Posted 01-10-14

For a list of Creative Commons and Public Domain Images pay Richard Byrn a visit at Free Technology for Teachers

If using fowl foul language is of concern to you, Kathleen Duey, author of over 80 books for kids K-YA, may help make your decision.

Posted 11-18-2013

FREELANCING price information, courtesy of Kathleen Temean…thanks Kathy!

Posted 11-16-2013

10 ideas that will SMASH Writer’s Block to smithereens compliments of Tara Lazar and Adam Lehrhaupt. I like number eight.

Posted 11-09-2013

A great step-by-step on using Scrivener by Pat Haggerty by way of Romance University. This article might even get me to use it.

Posted 10-22-13

Cynsations guest post by Kelly Bennett on That Last Revision: Ruthless Bites shares “advice from the late Tony Hillerman, author of 29 books, including the award-winning Shape Shifter series featuring Navajo Tribal police Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn. [Hillerman] credited taking Ruthless Bites with elevating him from mid-list author (“B List” he called it) to best-selling author.”  What’s a Ruthless Bite?

  • Cut one word from each sentence.
  • Cut one sentence from each paragraph.
  • Cut one paragraph from each page.

Posted 06-15-13

Compliments of the Query Tracker : Need to work on your pitch?  The Elevator Pitch  or The Dreaded Pitch: What to Include…

Posted 06-04-13

If you are an illustrator for hire or looking for one especially for a self-published book, illustrator/author Elizabeth O. Dulema has wise advice.

Posted 05-29-13

“It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when the luck comes you are ready.” – Ernest Hemingway

Posted 04-11-13

Cover of

Cover of The Tiger Rising

I just LOVE Kate DiCamillo even more now, especially after reading this line in an interview with Elizabeth White for Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Cynsations about Kate’s novel THE TIGER RISING:

“…I never know exactly what I’m doing…The story is always smarter than I am.”

Kate’s overall advice?

“…metaphors and the meaning will rise up naturally if you work to write your heart.”

Posted 03-04-13

Classic Picture Book Structure with children’s book author Tammi Sauer

The Grimm Way – CONFLICT – the beating heart of a story – Join Author Mina Witteman in an exercise on raising the stakes – pushing your characters to the brink. This  is guaranteed to push you to your writing limits and beyond.

Posted 01-25-13

Wonderful advice for any writer in any genre: Three Ways Cause and Effect Can Build Your Story by Martina Boone at Adventures in YA and Children’s Publishing

Posted 01-13-13

Nathan Bransford has a wonderful blog filled with helpful tips such as:

How to Write a Synopsis and How to Write a Query Letter or even a Novel

Maggie Lyons is a go-to for Help For Children’s Book Buyers and Writers. For a list of Middle Grade Book bloggers, this is the resource you have been looking for.

Revision Tip of the Day: 

Keep redundancies in mind – He rapidly hurled – HURLING is already rapid.


Posted 11-18-12

Harold Underdown has updated “Who’s Moving Where? News and Staff Changes at Children’s Book Publishers.”

Posted 10-28-12

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” –Sylvia Plath

And here is a bit of cannon fodder to help win the battle, at least for today:

How to Conquer Self-Doubt and Just Write + 4 Reasons to Appreciate Your Self-Doubts

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  1. Suzanne Cleary says:

    Congratulations, Donna! I’m so proud of you for stepping out there and following your dream! Perhaps this will be the “butt kick from behind” that gets me going with my own writing and doing seminars. I’ve started jotting down ideas for short stories about my/our travel experiences. So–keep the inspiration coming! This arrived just as I needed it. Love you–and hope we can reconnect in CA the next time we’re there (or here when you head our way–would be great to see you both). Love, Suzanne

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  2. Anne-Marie Charest says:

    Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and am trilled at the idea that I get to hear from one of the mst funniest, yet profound, women I know. As Suzan stated, yes this is a kick in the but for all of us. And I love it. Looking forward to joining you on your journey. Love you. Sunna

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  3. Grace Rogers says:

    Donna, Great job. Clearly your writer’s talents are shining through. Love your adventuresome range. Grace

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  4. joshitok2011 says:

    Hello Donna,
    Discovered your Aladdin’s Cave whilst trawling through LinkedIn to write a reference for a former student! Hope all is well with you and the family. All good at this end of the lake in Starnberg and at MIS. Tanzania beckons yet again in the summer.
    Take care,

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