My Space

Writers write. Right? Right. But where do we write. Most of the time, I write on my lap while sitting on my sofa. While this is probably not the best thing for my posture, it seems to work very well for my muse – at least until the hounds start a barkin’ for a snack, a walk, or a scratch behind the ear. That’s when I run away to my office, my space—the place where a writer is meant to write—a place that I’d like to share with you:

my space1

As I step over the threshold to my office, I enter another world—my world.  It feels like coming home—warm, serene, cozy. I am surrounded by my Medicine. Caribou beckons from the north—opening a window into her world, one of travel, abundance, and being present in the moment. She is an inviting blanket of cloud and earth.

To the west, my desk looks upon the world outside my space—the plant world, the mineral world, the animal world. As a member of the plant world herself, she has seen much and is infused with an energy that I have only dreamed of ever experiencing. Like the life-giving sap that once flowed through her, I pray the right words will flow through me now, effortlessly, onto the paper which her luxurious limbs have so generously also supplied.

My desk invites me to pass through another doorway into yet another world—one of imagination and fun, happiness and sorrow, fantastic other worlds. Resting upon her back, lie the tools of my trade—pens, pencils, blotter, laptop. A carved eagle rests on his perch watching over my progress, reminding me to look at things from other perspectives and more importantly, to learn to soar.

altarTo the south, another tree carries my altar upon his back—carefully placed items from where I’ve been tell tales of what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard, what I’ve experienced. To some, they are just things. For me, they hold an energy that I can draw upon in times of weakness, doubt, or fear. A shattered arrow symbolizes bravery, the power of my words. An intricately carved, wooden container holds ashes—the sacred remnants of prayers for peace, joyful songs of happiness, hopes and dreams for the future—the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy in 2009 in Kalaallit Nunaat – Return of the Sacred Fire.


My mask reminds me to lay all the faces of Donna aside—to be authentic, to be me, to simply be. California White Sage, gathered from the hills behind Santa Barbara, sparks the memory of a chance encounter with Bobcat. His message—now is the time to unleash hidden desires, to unlock inner secret wisdom and talents.

To the east, a wall of faces—creased and smooth, young and old, family, friends, acquaintances, strangers—all of them my teachers.

Below, on the floor, an exquisite work of art feeds my soul through my soles—the artisans’ nimble fingers have masterfully knotted an inkling of their lives into a beautifully hand-woven rug. Their hopes and dreams have traveled far from home. I welcome them into my world. I thank them for keeping my feet warm, my eyes filled with wonder, and my heart dancing with joy.

And lastly – above.

Hawk, raven, peacock, sparrow – their quills dangle, suspended from the ceiling—clinging to memories of having once kissed the sun and soaring effortlessly through soft, billowing clouds—they often dance on the back of brother wind once he has slipped through an open window and brushed my cheek.

Where do you write?

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