On top of Round Hill, in a land called Marin,
December’s sun coaxed a new day to begin.


As she climbed, bit by bit, up into the sky,
Sun noticed the Moon, waiting patiently nigh.

28 December 2012
Full Daytime Moon – 28 December 2012

“Is something wrong, brother?” she sighed on the breeze.
“You haven’t set yet, but why? If you please—”

“A Good Day to you, my sister, my friend,
“It’s not often I see you on my downward trend.
“Besides this little visit, it warms my heart so
“To be the herald for change, all in one go.”

“Ah—the thirteenth full moon, I do recall now,
“Transition and opportunity are portents you avow.
“Well then, thank you for sharing not only the sky,
“But your message for all, to stretch, and aim high!”

The sun reached her full height—’round about noon,
and called to her brother, “Good Night Moon!”

FULL MOON - 29 December 2012
FULL MOON – 29 December 2012

I have no idea what might have caused this snapshot of the moon to morph into a heart, but strange things have been known to happen on nights when the moon is full. Even stranger is the effect it has on me during the daytime – that’s when I get the urge to speak in rhyme.

How does the moon affect you?

A Doubloon For Your Ponderings

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