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Certain words in the English language make me cringe. The short, staccato sound of them wrinkles my nose, puckers my lips, and stabs my ears. One of the two most wince-worthy in my book of offending words has recently sent … Continue reading

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The phone rang once. A clipped voice answered, “9-1-1-what is your emergency?” “grr-rr—umph bwaa—maaa….” “I can’t understand you. Can you speak more clearly?” “grr-rr—umph *cough* bwaa—maa *cough—cough*” “Are you choking?” THUMP THUMP THUMP “An emergency vehicle is on its way—please … Continue reading

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Going. Going. Gone. My Muse is acting like a yo-yo that has been shot into outer space and has lost the energy to return to my outstretched palm. The string, taut at first, went limp eight weeks ago and now … Continue reading

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Check This Out: The Book Passage Children’s Writer’s Conference

Originally posted on El Space–The Blog of L. Marie:
I don’t think I have ever talked about conferences for writers on the blog, let alone had someone on who coordinates one. But with me on the blog is the fabulous…

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KALAALLIT NUNAAT – The Sun Sets on a Different World

Quimmer. Stranded. Separated from his pack. About as visible as a grain of sand stuck to the smooth side of a seashell, the dog stands on a slab of sea ice floating atop the placid waves of  Scorsbysund. Four days ago, … Continue reading

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DESERT HIGH – Between Earth And Sky

“I’d rather be here, with you, than anywhere else in the world.” When the man in the mountain spoke, it wasn’t with words. A wave of warm air rippled across his furrowed forehead, crept over his craggy face, and burst … Continue reading

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OUT OF THIS WORLD – Journey to the unknown

Clouds of steam rise from bubbling pits on the pocked landscape. It smells like Beelzebub is venting a batch of burned hard-boiled eggs from his sizzling  subterranean scullery far below our hiking booted feet.

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