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…and the faery known as Thrill-Seeker, the only one of her sort to attend this type of celebration since the Sleeping Beauty debacle, first soared to the rafters of the modest nursery, stopped short, reached into her pouch of post-natal best wishes and sprinkled … Continue reading

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SERMERSSUAQ – An Earth Day Homage

She weeps. She wails. She sighs, hopeful that one day her children will learn to use their knowledge wisely. Sermerssuaq The Big Ice. Caribbean-blue melt-water pools the size of small countries spread upon Mother Earth’s once pristine pate. Creaking, cracking she moans, … Continue reading

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SO, WHAT DO YOU DO? A Mother’s Day Tribute

Whether I’m chatting on a plane, in line at the grocery store, or sipping cocktails at the hippest place in town, yeah right, ninety-nine point nine percent of the time I am asked, “So –  what do you do?” It used to be a … Continue reading

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