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Words fail to make the leap from grey matter to tapping finger tips on keys they say “It’s because of Mercury” they say “the planet is retrograde” they say “that makes it a poor time for all forms of communication” … Continue reading

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A visual treat today, inspired by this week’s Photo Challenge titled “Framed”

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KALAALLIT NUNAAT – Sound of Silence

Nature will do it every time – fill me with a sense of awe that is jaw-dropping. And she did not disappoint as our helicopter rushed over the spare landscape toward Ittoqqortoormiit. In summer, the remote village in East Greenland hugs the rocky shore of … Continue reading

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I am honored to have been included in the latest zine issue (#5) of Plots by Clots titled Bots & Tots, dedicated to childhood memories and growing up. My contribution, Vinnie Malone, is a work of fiction, but based on an … Continue reading

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Out of all the tickers that stopped at precisely 12:15 pm, Alastair Hoodwink managed to squeeze a few more seconds from his for a last word with his son Malcolm… “When the world literally begins to fade into a blank canvas, rest assured, … Continue reading

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‘Twas just before Christmas, when the Grinch played his part. His slim, furry fingers fouled my holiday’s start by pointing out the turmoil bubbling up in our world- the hatreds, the judgements, the greed that had unfurled. Indeed, ’twas too late, for neither laugh nor smile, would ward off … Continue reading

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Anticipation builds when a decorate-able holiday approaches. Eggs are hung from trees, reindeer are bolted to roofs, carved jack-o-lanterns are set at the door. The decor reminds our salivary glands of  the marshmallow Peeps, chocolate-filled gold coins, and spiced pumpkin pie to … Continue reading

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Travel Tip # 1 – A LAUGHING MATTER

Whenever the travel bug sends me to a place where I don’t speak the language, I make it a point to learn how to say No – Thank you. In my experience, a nod accompanied by a smile will do for Hello, a … Continue reading

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The truth about Alice is that she was somewhat of an enigma since the last rays of an October’s sun cast a golden halo about her head not one moment, but two, after her arrival into the world. The newborn’s parents deemed the glowing … Continue reading

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DEAR fill in the blank

What do you think of when you see a wall of post office boxes? I wonder about the recipients – who they are, what kind of mail they get besides bills, catalogs, and birthday cards… Dear Ice Berg, How many … Continue reading

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