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She stands facing the pale, windswept bay, tall and erect as the ancient redwoods poking through the shroud of fog folding over the mountain range behind her. They loom in the distance like a pack of protective brothers, chanting in … Continue reading

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KALAALLIT NUNAAT – Can’t Get You Outta’ My Head

Extreme weather boots. Hat. Insulated gloves. Balaclava (baklava, optional) Back, neck, hand and foot heat packs Thermal socks…and…and…and. The list was long. About this time three years ago, I was packing for an arctic adventure. Thirty-six months ago, I had … Continue reading

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Alice Wetherby Pimms physically felt time pass in the coursing of her blood for as long as she could remember. Every second -tick, tick, tick- was like an invasion of needle-nosed imps nipping at the underside of her plump flesh. Each … Continue reading

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IF I WERE A ______ LOVE POEM: A Valentine Pondering Of Sorts

If I were a simple love poem I’d, first of all, want to rhyme, then, be flawless and impeccable in meter and time, but since life is not perfect, nor is this holiday poem, I’ll continue in free-verse (maybe) to a chorus … Continue reading

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I know it’s presumptuous, and most likely, not easy. It just might, in fact, be considered quite sleazy, to expect you, dear Cupid, to share your day with another, even though this worthy project has been sanctioned by your brother. … Continue reading

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Hi everyone! Today’s an exciting day. Angela and Becca at Writers Helping Writers have revealed their BIG secret: what the next book in their thesaurus series will be. It might seem strange for an author to not tell their readers about … Continue reading

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Why do I write? Good question. It’s not because it’s been a passion ever since second grade when Sister Ann Michael praised my poem I WANT TO BE A DOG for its wit, rhyme, and wild imagination, or the inclusion … Continue reading

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