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Sure enough—he was the real deal. And who did he think he was fooling with those shades? Certainly, not me. Incognito on a wind still summer’s afternoon—that’s what he was—a living, breathing, incognito San Francisco treat. But a cable car … Continue reading

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I once sat upon an ancient rock contemplating my life—my raison d’être—in this vast world of ours. When you find yourself—an itty-bitty pinprick, a teeny-tiny dot, hardly a smudge in the landscape—gazing upon the millions-of-years-old arctic ice cap, you can’t … Continue reading

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To Camp, Or Not To Camp? That is the question…

What self-respecting adventurer (adventuress just sounds wrong) can call themselves as such if they have never been camping? Being an adventure seeker as a child, I had always wanted to be a boy scout for exactly that reason. They got … Continue reading

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