TP TAILS – Laughter is the best medicine


Many of us have heard the one about the five loaves and two fishes, but what about the two rolls and one Joe Dog?

Nuff said.


❤ Be well ❤


About Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner

I am an adventure seeking ponderer of the mysteries of the universe, writer of children's books (represented by Stephen Fraser of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), and lover of anything involving armor, archery, or swashbuckling.
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13 Responses to TP TAILS – Laughter is the best medicine

  1. That is nearly a tragedy in these times. You stay well too.


  2. This made me chuckle!


  3. Lyn says:

    Our Bailey did something similar the other day, but with a large roll of wrapping paper. It’s amazing how much confetti a roll of wrapping paper makes 😀


  4. Look at that pup! Thank you for a bright moment.


  5. rogersphd says:

    The look on his face is more of defiance than ‘I know you’re unhappy.’


  6. Oh no! That’s funny and yet sad all at the same time. I accidentally lost part of one of my rolls too the other day, but due to my own carelessness and not a pet. All I could think of was how a roll of toilet paper is probably worth these days considering you can’t find any at the store.


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