WriNoSCan you think of a better place than an entire house filled with books and art for a group of writers and artists to meet once a month to dive into craft?

I can’t.

Besides lending itself to good company, tasty nibbles, and an occasional flute of prosecco, The House of Hanging Words, thusly dubbed by some band of merry scribes, offers a space rife with inspiration. Ideas fly off its sunny walls, funnel thoughts through furiously scribbling pens, and splash them onto sheaves of pristine paper, as they did here…

I know myself linked by chains of fire

orange tongues stretching backwards in time


to lives – short, long, and in between – chain links to the present – the ‘now’ –
warmth swaddled in life’s nano-second,
reaching into the future

TOO linear!

Time bursts forth in all directions with me at the epicenter

twirling, dancing on tip-toes, spinning pirouettes or
mimicking Professor Hardorp sitting on a swivel chair – a brick in each hand demonstrating
centrifugal forcehardorp
What if I had chosen the path behind me and diagonally to the left?
Where would I be now?

Skipping across the universe
or running circles

FullSizeRenderat warp speed?

Would I have missed another’s magnificence as I rushed by
as I often do now
in this reality?
this moment?
writing these words, one after another –
surrounded by beauty

– my fellow writers –

BW Wrinoswomen seeking,
and finding themselves in the now, this moment – nourished by one another’s attention,
fanning embers
bursting into hot-white, orange light
beacons to one another’s souls
to the beauty
each of us

What inspires you to dance, write, paint, sing, smile? And thanks for stopping by today. Your visit is always appreciated.

About Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner

I am an adventure seeking ponderer of the mysteries of the universe, writer of children's books (represented by Stephen Fraser of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), and lover of anything involving armor, archery, or swashbuckling.
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  1. Vic says:

    Great picture words! Ah yes! Remember Professor Hardorp! If he had known what an impact he made on you!!!


  2. You had me at prosecco :-)…


  3. redosue says:

    What energy and excitement! Warp speed fun! I love the idea of being nourished by one another’s attention. That just feels sooo goood. Today what inspired me was sitting on my front deck under a maple tree bursting into fall colour, staring through the leaves up into the blue sky.


  4. Lyn says:

    Oh how wonderful it would be to have a place like that – where you and friends could gather and write and read books and paint and just sit and think. No need for a lot of words, just companionable silence along with times of encouragement and sharing. Of course, there would be copious amounts of coffee, tea and snacks 🙂


  5. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Nope, I sure can’t think of a better place to meet up! Think we probably all need a trip there!


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