PicMonkey CollageWho said time travel is impossible? James T. Kirk managed to do it in five episodes of STAR TREK. Marty McFly took us BACK TO THE FUTURE more than once. H. G. Well’s did it in print and Metro Goldwyn Mayer put it on film in THE TIME MACHINE. As I promised when she became engaged, now that my daughter has bought her wedding dress, I invite you to follow me into the past to the day I bought mine. *Drum roll please* Nope. Not working. The theme from Twilight Zone is still the best…

Don’t be alarmed. It’s not uncommon for the page to ripple and fade before we dive in. I do suggest you pop a motion sickness tablet however, especially if you’ve never had any experience with inter-dimensional travel. Ready? Set? JUMP! Continue reading

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rainbow2That’s where you’d have found us on a recent midsummer’s Sunday.
Although, since the pre-requisite tornado was off wreaking havoc somewhere else in the world, my sister, niece, a friend and I had to find another magical form of transportation to take us there. Fortunately, ‘the Bean’ was just sitting in the driveway twiddling its tires so we jumped in and hit the street – following the black asphalt road up, over, and back down Divisidero like a scene from  “Bullitt” until we arrived at the place we’d heard of once in a tourist’s brochure – a true pot of gold – the Continue reading

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On the heels of National Dog Day I’d like to shared this update on a former post:

The disgruntled residents of Tibroningham may rest easier tonight knowing that Self Appointed Pooper-scooper Sherri M. is hard at work making our world a cleaner place to live. Earlier this week, quite unexpectedly, the girls and I chanced upon a sizable plump plastic sack resting on the side of the trail. Continue reading

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photo 1It’s been over a week since shrill sirens screamed their way around the back end of the peninsula. Did you hear them too? Or were you already gone – spirited away on a breath of wind? Continue reading

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mendo windowI seldom leave the confines of my home. Since the fever, I’ve lost all sense of time—minutes slip into hours, day turns to night, summer to autumn. Oftentimes, I’m too weak to open a window on my own. Occasionally, the help does it for me, but I’ve noticed that I can’t feel the breeze that rustles the curtain. Nor do I detect even a hint of salt or pine that typically clings to the wisps of the morning’s mist and drifts about the room. The village carpenter, whose name somehow escapes me but shouldn’t, smelled of both. I long for the love I felt for him when he’d sit at my bedside, combing my hair with his slim, sap spotted fingers. Invariably, they would catch a strand and I would try my hardest not to wince. He doesn’t visit anymore. Continue reading

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doug_unplugged_cover‘Twas the first day of class, suspense flooded the room,
Yet, my stomach gurgled a wee sense of doom.
For I’ve been to enough workshops to know what to expect:
A roller coaster of emotions, which inevitably reflect
Anxiety, frustration, embarrassment and fear,
Joy, pride, and laughter, with an occasional tear.

And so there I sat, one beaming face amongst twelve, Continue reading

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IMG_2973I’m finally on my way to the Southampton Writer’s Conference. Since this event is back East, I decided to stop and visit family and friends along the way. First stop, Brooklyn. Continue reading

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