Travel Tip # 1 – A LAUGHING MATTER

camel talkWhenever the travel bug sends me to a place where I don’t speak the language, I make it a particular point to learn how to say No – Thank you. In my experience, a nod accompanied by a smile will do for Hello, a wave equals Good-bye, and hands lined up in a prayer position accompanied by a slight nod or lightly patting the place over the heart will likely be understood as thank you.

It’s the No, thanks that can be tough.

I suppose a simple or vehement shake of the head will get the point across. Adding loud expletives with fist shaking Continue reading

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il_340x270.722380430_bjxeSeven weeks. That’s forty-nine days or one-thousand-one-hundred-seventy-six hours since my last post.

When I began blogging nearly three years ago, my intention was to post once a week with an occasional lapse only due to post adventure maladies, jelly-fish stings, or extended bouts of sea-sickness – none of which apply here.

So was it the lazy days of summer or the apocalyptic cataclysm of losing a complete Continue reading



What ho, a door in the forest? Looks harmless. Unless it opens to a land rife with

magical outdoor doormalodorous trolls, attacking arachnids, or hellacious cannibals. Or it could hold nothing but a peek into the lives of the inhabitants of a neighboring town, as in this case…

manor cliffThe truth about Alice Wetherby-Pimms was shrouded in obscurity since long before Horace Hornby, MHS, Ph nearly D, had been summoned to shipping magnate Roderick Pimms’ eccentric cliff top estate. Indeed, the village’s newcomer had been completely unaware of the child’s reputation for continuously causing the most dastardly of misfortunes to befall anyone who so much as graced the property with a footfall – never mind a Continue reading

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Lucy sleeps on laptopEsteemed author Jane Yolen is well-known for sharing one secret in particular with regard to her productivity, and that’s – BIC – putting your Butt In Chair. Choose the time, the place, and show up. It’s where you need to be so that the muse can find you. I don’t know about you, but when someone has authored over 300 books and been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America and the Aesop of the twentieth century, I sit up and listen. My writing companion, not so much. But what does Lucy know? She sleeps on tabletops.

As writer’s, poets, artists of any kind, we also know that the muse can often be a fickle little Continue reading

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Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner:

A different knight’s tale…

Originally posted on Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner:

wet luForsooth, ’twas an immensely sad day for the girls and me, for upon this wet and blustery day, surely a mirror of our sorrow, it has become more than apparent that our knight in plush fleece and khakis, Sir-Walks-A-Lot, and his band of merry men wooly pack of merry woofers have been banished from the serpentine trails high atop Round Hill and exiled to some far off uncharted marinian land.

The witch hunt, for that is indeed what it is best likened to, began some eleven moons ago when, 

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road to hell disabled coach closeupOnce upon a time, a hapless, yet terribly kindly and sympathetic King named Stephen, fortunately had a most unfortunate accident with his brilliantly bejeweled coach. Whilst traveling a country road on his way to visit an admittedly, beautifully buxomed princess who had been repeatedly proposed as potentially being the perfect complement for the unquestionably generous young royal, his overly gilted transport slipped into a ditch.

Stranded alone on the hellishly unpaved road for more than a week, the gangly ruler quickly became aware of an unsightly creature that indubitably resembled the reputedly Continue reading

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FullSizeRenderWhile jousting jesting with Sir-Walks-a-Lot under a brilliant, vivid sky this day upon a ghill called Martin, the knight errant’s band of merry hounds pointedly raised their moist nose tips en masse to the wind. After an intense, yet brief snuffle, Continue reading

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