IMG_4420The truth about Alice is that she was somewhat of an enigma since the last rays of an October’s sun cast a golden halo about her head not one moment, but two, after her arrival into the world. The newborn’s parents deemed the glowing ring an omen of great things to come, as did the hospital staff. It was what the necromancer foresaw in the smoldering embers on the Mongolian steppe the eve that Roderick Pimms and Daphne Whetherby first met.  Indeed, Mr. Pimms proposed over yak kabobs the very same night under a jet-black canopy of glimmering stars and a crescent moon. Truth is, the two Continue reading

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notebook-581128_640A clean page
A fresh start
That is the promise.

Did you decide it was time
to leave?

Or did you depend on your heart to make that choice?

Were you in over your head –
unable to see the silver lining?
Or was there nothing
but a black void ready to suck you into a chasm of hopelessness?

I like to think you Continue reading

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FullSizeRenderAlice Whetherby-Pimms’s teas were famous for drawing an eclectic crowd. Every Wednesday at precisely 2:55 p.m. the area before her gate would be swamped by a mob of the most unlikely of bedfellows – dashing princes and their chamber pot removers, knights and their nemeses, good-humored gnomes and curmudgeonly trolls, pirates and bankers’ sons, just to name a few.

At three o’clock sharp the five-year-old would sashay from her forest bound playhouse and flip the latch, a signal to the swarm that two gold rimmed bone china cups had been filled to the brim with the Darjeeling that had been created just for her in the year of her birth.

Dressed in a sky blue smock and cloud white apron tied in a tidy bow at the back of her water melon sized waist, the barefoot child would peruse the now orderly queue snaking along the trail. In choosing who would be blessed by her company, it was not uncommon for Alice to toy with the crowd, first pointing to one, shaking her head, then settling upon another.

In moments like this, Grandfather Pimms, Continue reading

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She weeps. She cries. She howls.
She sighs at man’s inability to use his knowledge wisely.
The Big Ice
Greenland’s ice cap.


Tropical blue melt-water lakes
the size of small countries
rest upon Mother Earth’s head.
Creaking from their weight, Continue reading

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No. The commas are in the right place. I’m here. Alone. Now. And this is a tense moment. While I’m staring down at the narrow, dirt trail and maneuvering a mine field of rocks, roots, stone outcroppings,


AND an occasional hilltop inhabitant catching a few rays


I’m thinking of Continue reading

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It’s a black and white day – fitting for a journey to the past

FullSizeRender copy

where yesterday easily blurrs with today

FullSizeRender_2where peering through dilapidated windows
throws a muddied light  Continue reading

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When this very second is no longer the future and becomes the past in less time than it takes to type this sentence, living in the moment almost seems easy, but is it? If I just plug along and operate on auto pilot, it is. When I stop, step back, and breathe I am able to  appreciate and acknowledge the ephemeral beauty, as well as chaos, that I am an integral part of and might otherwise miss…

Mahalo Io,
for this magnificent morning

FullSizeRender_3 Continue reading

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