TWO QUIRKS, A CONSIDERATION, AND A QUANDARY – a.k.a. Peculiar Pandemic Ponderings


  • My husband surprised me with blueberry pancakes for breakfast today, and for the first time ever, I noticed that I eat my pancakes in measured quadrants reminiscent of PHI, the law of divine proportion. 

    • Later, I nibbled on a slice of cheese – left to right, left to right – like a vintage typewriter devouring a sheet of paper in a rush to immortalize a burst of inspiration,
      without the carriage return’s ding, of course.


      If a woman has no children, she is childless. If a child has no parents, it is parentless. Why then is a bloodthirsty pirate said to be ruthless? Unless of course, he’s done away with his unfaithful wench and her name was Ruth.


Have you ever given any thought to that lone coffee bean caught in the corner of the foil-coated bag of French Roast you just emptied into the grinder and how wasted its life would be if you didn’t take a moment to dig in and save it?

Imagine the strength and determination it took for that rich, flavorful bean to survive its arduous adventure from its far off cradle to your cup only to be ignored, or even shunned, and tossed into the trash without ever having realised its purpose.

Rescue the bean? Ignore the bean?

It’s just a bean.

Or not.

Could be the universe sending a message…hmmmm…

And what might that be?

Thank you for stopping by and putting up with my oddball mood today.
I think they’re calling it Coviditis.

❤ Be Well ❤

About Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner

I am an adventure seeking ponderer of the mysteries of the universe, writer of children's books (represented by Stephen Fraser of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency), and lover of anything involving armor, archery, or swashbuckling.
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17 Responses to TWO QUIRKS, A CONSIDERATION, AND A QUANDARY – a.k.a. Peculiar Pandemic Ponderings

  1. Yes, I so love this, Donna. I am sitting here listening to my sunflower singing. it is hooked up to a device called “The Music of the Plants” that changes its frequencies into music. My plants mostly sing when wrapped in love. They love to be appreciated by us and are offended when we don’t adore and eat them.
    And anyway – why do anything at all, if we don’t do it 100%? Why leave the coffee bean? How we do one thing we do everything, the sages say.


  2. jacquiefaber says:

    How lovely to have a husband who serves you blueberry pancakes—a spiritual experience.
    Consideration: A child who has no parents—parentless!
    I have saved that lone bean in the bottom of my grinder that fell on the floor thinking, I was saving it’s life! I guess I have Coviditis too! That’s what happens when you hang around the house too long with time to ponder the meaning of the universe.


  3. You have posed some powerful questions!


  4. avwalters says:

    Recover the bean. Whether you choose to anthropomorphize its journey or not, there’s no point in waste.


  5. Vic says:

    I need to take 2 pills of the same type at the same time. How do I know which ones should go together? Maybe the one on the right side of my palm wants to be eaten with the one on the left side of my palm? If I don’t put them together maybe they will feel bad? which silverware should I take out of the dishwasher first? If I take out only the teaspoons at the same time, maybe the soup spoons will feel that I should have taken them first? Ah…decisions, decisions! I can’t take it anymore!!! I would say that I also have coviditis but alas, these questions have been around a lot longer!


  6. Lyn says:

    I also cut my pancakes into square portions when I eat them. Cheese slices, I tear into long strips. 😀


  7. I wonder what he put in those pancakes 🙂


  8. I LOVE this post. So much fun. Poor bean. Good that you were there to save it.


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